Incorporating High-End Furniture Into The Decor Of A Modest Family Home


Perhaps you walk past a high-end furniture store or scan an upscale online boutique with dreamy eyes, thinking you could never afford a house full of pricey items. Those types of things belong in mansions or commercial spaces. In actuality with proper planning and practicality, top-notch quality furniture pieces can fit into any room of your current space. Explore the following ways in which you can bring high-end furniture into your home to stand the test of time.

Divine Dining

So, you have a sizable dining room to accommodate your already large brood and distant relatives that come along during the holidays. Here is the room that deserves stately pieces of furniture like a solid wood china cabinet that withstands constant traffic passing by or frequent bumps from people moving about. A sturdy cabinet protects family heirlooms and displays the dinnerware that you take so much pride in. Features such as etched glass and touch lighting make dining that much grander.

Family Fortunes

Your last thought might be to place an expensive sofa into a high traffic area such as the family room. You're probably imagining the destruction that's to come at the hands and feet of all your little cherubs. In all actuality, high quality, durable pieces are what you want in such a space that serves your family. Who wants to change out the couch every few years when it fails to hold up under constant juice spills or when the cushioning flattens or wears out?

A top of the line couch is typically made with a high quality hardwood frame and cone shaped springs for optimal support. Look for a sofa or couch that has padding made of foam and covered in additional layers of material, such as cotton or down, for comfort and flexibility. Select seating with the back padding housed in several internal compartments opposed to one single section. The multiple compartments that keep the back filling in place prevent it from settling and ending up with a sluggish look.   

Childhood Catering

Children outgrow virtually everything in what seems like a split second. They only use a crib for a few years. Then they transition to toddler beds followed by twin bunk beds, and finally they can use a full size bed for several years until they move out.  Although the bed size is constantly changing, furniture staples such as dressers and wardrobes can withstand through all those years. Cater to your children in the sense of providing them with furniture pieces that can transition with them as they age.

Quality high-end dressers and chest of drawers constructed with dovetail joints that connect in an interlocking fashion can uphold the weight of contents and prevent clothes from falling through to the drawer below. Real hard or soft woods have the ability to be sanded and painted when the youngsters inadvertently leave art or nicks on the wooden exterior.  

Utilize these creative design ideas to soften the blow of purchasing a high-end furniture piece and effortlessly integrate it into your current home life. The cost of such an investment becomes evident with its longevity and functionality. One place you can shop is ID Furniture and Design.


29 July 2015

Choosing Furniture Wisely

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