Decoupage A Map On Your Dining Room Table


If you have dining room furniture like a round dining room table that you would like to do something creative to, you may want to decoupage a vintage map on it. This will give your table a great look with a lot of personality. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to turn your dining table into a great work of art you can eat off of.

Prepare the table – The first step will be to prepare the table by taking it down to the wood. If the dining room table is currently painted, you want to use a paint stripper to remove it. Or, you may need to use a fine grit sand paper to remove any varnish it has on it.

Prepare the map – Purchase an antique-looking map that's almost the size of the table. Set the map on the table and use a pencil to mark where you will trim the map to make it fit the table how you want it to.

Prepare the glue mixture – Take a bowl and put white school glue in it. Mix in a bit of water until the mixture is thinned out, but not too watery. Stir the mixture until it has an even consistency.

Decoupage the map onto the table – Turn the map upside down and use a wide paint brush to put the glue mixture on the entire map evenly. Carefully flip the map and have another person help you set it in place on the table. Use a ruler to work out any wrinkles. Use the same paint brush to cover the entire top of the map with the glue mixture. Cover the border of the table as well.

Finishing the table – Allow the table to dry completely. You can set a fan in front of it to help it dry a little faster.

Sealing the table – Take a jar of polyurethane and pour a generous amount into a paint pan or a bowl. Use a clean paint brush to apply the polyurethane to the entire table. Allow the polyurethane to dry and apply a second coat.

Once the table has dried, your table will be finished and you can begin using it as you normally would. If you would like, you can purchase more maps and use this same method to redo your wooden chairs to match by doing the seats.


31 July 2015

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