Bored With Your Bedroom? Try Some Tricks To Resurrect Your Sanctuary


Take a fresh look at your old bedroom by re-configuring furnishings, improving current design themes, and bringing a new style to your bedroom, whatever size it may be. Simple changes can transform your current space into a tranquil sanctuary that you enjoy spending time in.

Keep in mind the basic elements of a peaceful bedroom:

Some pieces needed in any bedroom include:

- A decent bed

- Night stands for each side of your bed

- A storage space or closet

- Seating

Try the following tips and tactics when refurbishing your small, medium, or large-sized bedroom:

Small sleeping spaces

It may seem like your options are limited when it comes to restyling a small-sized bedroom. There are some ways to make the room seem larger, and less cramped, while also creating clever solutions for storage.

Small room strategies include:

  • Create a separate seating area, even in the smallest of spaces, by adding an area rug and a comfy chair.
  • Instead of wasting space on dressers or stands for your large-screen televisions, secure mounts on the wall to make the room seem more spacious.
  • When buying furniture such as dressers, look for tall, narrow bureaus instead of wider styles.
  • Look for distinctive day-beds and add trundles underneath for a bed that can become seating during the day and then be used for sleeping at night.

Average-sized boudoirs and bedrooms

The key to styling your average or mid-sized bedroom is to re-evaluate the furnishings and items that you have taking up space. If something doesn't serve a function or purpose, or if it isn't an item that brings you great joy, than get it out of the bedroom. Create a serene space to rest by getting rid of clutter and visual distractions.

Try these tactics when restyling your bedroom:

  • Instead of using night tables on either side of your bed, use matching dressers for more storage space.
  • Keep work-related materials confined to a desk, bookshelf, or cabinet intended for that function in order to prevent the office from overtaking your bedroom space.
  • Create a separate reading or lounging space which is separate from where you sleep. Bring in a comfortable chair from another area of the house, and use plants or a dressing screen to provide some privacy.

Large masters and suites

Large bedroom suites have a tendency of becoming disorganized and crowded with items from other areas of the home. Take time to consider what items belong in your large bedroom, and take care to prevent storage, clutter, and stuff from wreaking havoc in your tranquil sanctuary.

Try these style suggestions when giving your large bedroom a fresh look:

  • If you want to make your ceilings appear higher, use tall, ornate headboards over your bed. If you don't have a headboard, stencil one on the wall and paint.
  • Create a cozy nook or work area by re-purposing a small patio bistro set or dining table and two chairs.
  • Try putting a vanity, dresser, or bureau diagonally in the corner of the room, where two walls meet. This will give the room a softer, less-rigid feel.

Regardless of the size of your current bedroom, there are ways to enhance and improve the style and function. Try these tips to make the most of what you have to work with, and to garner new pride and pleasure in your personal space. Check out furniture retailers like Black Carriage Furniture to learn more about additions and changes you can make.


4 August 2015

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