Antique Furniture Pieces That Can Thrive In Your Modern Home


If you have a contemporary design throughout your home, adding a piece of mid-century antique furniture can make your modern furnishings really stand out. Discover great antique furnishings that can stand their own in your modern home and where you can acquire them.


Hand-gilded antique mirrors are an excellent way to make a family, dining, or living room brighter. Antique mirrors with wooden finishes can be painted any hue you'd like to match your decor best, such as cream, white, or even black. To maintain an antique allure, you can add a crackle or antique finish to any refinishing you do to a vintage clock. Gold leaf mirrors with ornate designs often feature birds, flowers, or intricate metal bending, and make a great conversation piece in any room. Local mid-century furniture dealers can show you several types of vintage mirrors to choose from for your home.

Fainting couch

Fainting couches date back to the early 19th century, when women were accustomed to wearing very tight corsets and dresses that caused them to get lightheaded and have to lay down. Modern styles of fainting couches are referred to as chaises, and are used today to lounge in comfort and style. A fainting couch in antique style is often adorned with hand-carved wooden feet and intricate designs, and adds a charming allure to a reading room or living area. Your local antique dealer can help you locate an authentic fainting couch to complete your living room furnishings.

Grandfather clock

Grandfather clocks are large, freestanding clocks that are several feet tall. Their gears and pendulums are encased in glass so their working mechanisms can be viewed. These charming clocks are still in production today and high in demand, so it's important that you allow a mid-century furniture dealer to supply one for you so you have better assurance you are buying an antique version. This type of clock adds charm and elegance to an entryway and fits in well with many modern designs.

You may live in a modern-style home, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate antique furnishings into its design. Placed in the right rooms, antique mirrors, authentic fainting couches, and even grandfather clocks can improve your contemporary design. Talk to an antique dealer to secure the items you need to make your home more alluring. An antique dealer, like those at Bucks County Estate Traders, can ensure that the pieces you buy are truly antique and can authenticate pieces for you.


10 August 2015

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