3 Tips For Blending Your Antique Furniture With Modern Pieces


Blending contemporary furniture with older furniture can seem like a lost cause at first. You don't want to give up furniture that may have been in your family for ages, but what if you can't figure out where to put it? The good news is that blending the old with the new is far easier than you suspect and it can give you a one of a kind space that's all your own.

Choose One Style for the Room's Base

When you're merging furniture from different time periods, it's tough to avoid looking as though everything were just thrown together. The easiest way to avoid a hodge podge effect is to pick one time period and style for the base of the room. Do you want a mostly modern room with some antique touches? Maybe you prefer an older feel with a modern punch here and there. When you have a base from which to work, you wind up creating your own unique style and look that you can build on.

Let Opposites Attract

Part of the fun of merging furniture from different eras is that you can juxtapose the old with the new. If you've got a sleek, modern desk, for example, try pairing it with that comfortable wingback you adore. Mix and match to see what kinds of looks you can create. You'll wind up surprising yourself with the combinations that you can create. Even if you think that the pieces won't work together, don't be afraid to play around with the pieces you've got. Put them near each other so you can see how they actually look. If you start censoring ideas then you'll have a harder time seeing the possibilities in the room.

Find Unifying Factors

One of the secrets of decorating is that there's always a unifying feature. You may not consciously notice it on your own, but it's always there in a room that feels cohesive. That unifying factor could be a color that repeats throughout the room or similar fabric types. Other materials, such as wood or wood stain, can be the unifying feature. An overall theme for the room can also do the trick. If your room feels sterile or as though something is missing, try to figure out what your unifying theme is.

Whether you're looking for old or new pieces to round out your home, talk to an expert in home furnishings, like Surroundings Fine Consignments for Your Home, today. They can help you to figure out where your room is going wrong and get you back on the right track.


19 November 2015

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