Dine In: How To Create A Dining Roomthat Will Make You Feel Like You'Re Dining At A Fine Restaurant


Is your dining room the last place you want to eat a meal? Has it become a catch-all area for household items rather than a lovely place to share meals with your friends and family? If so, your dining room is probably in need of a makeover.

With a little creativity, you can transform your dining room into a place where you and your loved ones will enjoy sharing meals together. With your new dining room complete, you may even find you prefer to dine in rather than eat out.

Lighten it up

To create an elegant dining experience, think light. Choose soft shades of white or beige when selecting paint for the walls. White paint in bright shades should be avoided, as it can be too glaring in a dining room.

Replace dark flooring with oak hardwood or laminate flooring. If you prefer ceramic tile, look for light gray or light beige patterns.

Replace old outdated light fixtures with a brass chandelier for a sophisticated look. Get rid of room darkening blinds and opt for shades that are light-filtering instead.

Furnish it with elegance

When shopping for new dining room furniture classics, look for a dining room table and chairs in a light brown or white color. For a modern look, select a dining room table in a rectangle or square shape. If you prefer a more traditional look, a round or oval shaped dining room table will work well.

Dining room chairs with upholstered or cushioned seats can be an easy way to add just a touch of color to your dining room. Look for fabrics in geometric shapes for a modern look and paisley or floral fabrics for a more traditional look.

Choose a hutch or sideboard cabinet with brass handles and knobs for the perfect touch of elegance. You can also replace traditional dining room chairs with benches with brass or metal legs to further enhance the elegant look.

Set the table

Nothing is more inviting than a well-set dining room table. Choose place mats and napkins in a beige fabric. Purchase white stoneware plates, cups, and bowls to provide the perfect contrast with the beige place mats. Secure the beige napkins with brass napkin rings.

Metallic flatware, pepper mills, and salt shakers will complete the look of elegance on your tabletop. For a lovely centerpiece, use metallic candle holders and tall white pillar candles to add a touch of ambiance to your dining experience.  

Giving your dining room a makeover is a great way to create a wonderful dining experience for you and your loved ones. Whether you are eating dinner with just your family or entertaining friends, a beautiful dining room can make you feel like you're eating at the finest restaurant.


17 February 2016

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