2 Ways To Ensure The Size Of Your Dining Set Fits Your Living Space


Even if you already know the style of dining room furniture that you would like to purchase, you still may be unsure of how to choose the right size of the furniture. Here a few tips to help ensure that your dining room table and chairs fit the size of your living space:

Consider the size of the dining table.

The dining room table and chairs that you select are functional furnishings. Thus, they not only need to look good. They need to work as intended. In order for there to be enough space on your table to display food during a meal, you generally need about three feet of table width. This allows enough room for plates and other components of a table setting along with enough space in the center of the table to display the food that will be shared during the meal.

Even though your table is the right size to accommodate food and place settings, it may be too large for your living space. Once your table is in place and is surrounded by dining chairs, there still needs to be enough room for people to pull the chairs away from the table to sit and get up. Thus, it is wise to leave at least three and a half to four feet of clearance space between your dining room table and your walls.

If you are considering the purchase of a certain table set but are unsure of how its size will conform to your living space, obtain the measurements from the furniture store. Then, take a blanket or comforter and fold it to match a size similar to that of the table. Next, place the folded cloth in position where the table will rest. This can make it easier to measure the space between your table and the wall. In addition, it can give you an idea of the girth of your table once it is in place. 

Consider the number you will be feeding.

The size of the table and the number of chairs should be able to accommodate your guests. Each guest should have about two feet of dining space. Thus, it is not best to cram chairs around a table. Proper dining set selection can ensure that those who regularly eat at your table can do so comfortably.  

To find the perfect dining table for your home, visit a furniture store in your area. 


11 March 2016

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