Tips For Breaking In A New Memory Foam Mattress


If you've come to the conclusion that you need new bedding, a memory foam mattress may be the solution for you. These mattresses conform to your body, giving you more support as you sleep. That added support can ease the pain and stress caused by mattress springs putting pressure on your joints and other parts of your body. If you've never had a memory foam mattress before, there are a few things that you should know when it arrives.

Unboxing Your Mattress

When the mattress is delivered, it will be packaged in a protective covering. Unzip that covering and remove it from the mattress. Set the cover aside to put it back in place once you get the mattress broken in. It's a great protective covering, but you need to transfer body heat to the mattress while you break it in, which is why you remove it during this stage.

Breaking In The Mattress

Spread the mattress out on your bed. Stand up on the bed and walk in circles around the bed. Walk around enough that you go over the entire surface several times. Try to do this every night for the first couple of weeks that you have the mattress. This is key to helping you break in the foam by breaking down the cells enough to encourage them to mold properly.

Sleeping on it every night will also help with breaking it in, because your body heat helps to soften the foam cells and encourage the mattress to conform to your body. After the first couple of weeks, you can replace the cover to protect it long-term. You should also swap the head and the foot every month or so to help keep the mattress evenly worn. Don't flip it over - just rotate it.

Working Out Foam Creases

Foam can crease, whether in shipping or from heavy objects like boxes sitting on the mattress. If your mattress creases and you can't brush the crease out by hand, you'll need to be a bit more proactive.

Spray the crease lightly with water in a small spray bottle. The goal is to just dampen the foam surface. Use your fingers to work the water into the foam. Once the water is worked into the foam cells, apply heat from a hair dryer. Use your fingers to smooth the surface of the foam, working the crease out as you dry it.

Whether you have back problems that need more support or you just want something different for your bed, a memory foam mattress is a great option. With these tips, you'll be able to break in your new mattress easily. Check with your local mattress stores to see your options today.


22 April 2016

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