3 Ways To Give Your Office A Modern Appeal


If you look around your office and nothing inspires you, then it's time to upgrade your space. Your office is where you do your most important work or where you meet with clients, so you want the space to be fresh, inviting, and professional. Contemporary office furniture can make a huge improvement in this space and give you the modern appeal you need to be inspired at work. Here are 3 ways you can upgrade your office space to get a more modern appeal out of this space.

Swivel chairs

Deep bowl swivel chairs are both modern and comfortable, and give your office the impression of creativity and elegance. Imagine a wine glass with a low stem, and you've gotten the idea of how swivel chairs are designed. Choose power colors, such as black, charcoal, white, or navy, and impress your clientele with a modern place to sit down while giving your office the contemporary boost it needs.

Granite desk

Your bulky office desk is a focal point of your office, and its bland design with thick legs likely doesn't make it a very inviting place to do your most important work. Upgrade to a sleeker granite-topped desk with thin metal legs, and stick to separate cabinets rather than letting your office table double as storage and an organized surface. Choose complementary cabinets or shelving in a rich black design set away from your table so you can keep bulk near your main work space to a minimum.


A large ceramic lamp placed in a corner of your office offers a comfortable appeal, while a thick roped rug placed in the center of the room help bring your space together. Black and white photographs on the wall are a classic approach to office wall decor, and for good reason. They provide appeal without being too distracting, and their stark contrast to the modern furnishings of the office help remind people that they are still in a professional setting. Don't be afraid of color when it comes to decor, but try to be gender-neutral in tones, sticking to browns, greens, and your classic gray, white, and black.

You can transform your office space into a place where you can feel both confident and comfortable by making a few modern upgrades to the room. Contemporary office furniture, like Schoenfeld Interiors, designed to be both professional and inviting, can give your space the boost it needs to allow you to be more productive while working or entertaining clients.


27 May 2016

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