How To Incorporate The Color Black Into Your Living Room


This year, the color black is expected to be trendy in living rooms. It is bold and can help to create drama in this space. If you love the idea of adding some black to your space, but don't know how, here are some tips that can help you incorporate this dark color into your space.

Don't Overdo It With the Color Black

The number one tip for incorporating the color black into your living room is not to overdo it. If you add in too much black, you can make a space seem dark and dreary. There are many different ways you can bring black into your space, including painting it on the walls, bringing it in through contemporary furniture, hanging black curtains, or adding black accessories. The larger your space, the more black you can bring in. The smaller your space, the less you should bring in. A dark color can overwhelm and take over a small space. When you bring in black, less is more. Try to use one big focal item and keep everything else in the space light in color.

If You Aren't That Bold, Consider Pieces With Small Amounts of Black

Another tip for incorporating the color black into your living room is that black can be mixed with other colors. You may be tempted to place solid black items in your space. While this is the most dramatic way to bring the color into your space, a solid black sofa or black entertainment stand is not for everyone. If you want to bring some black into the space, but are worried about overdoing it, keep in mind that black can be mixed with other colors. Consider a white curtain with a black toile print, a beige-and-black plaid throw or even a black contemporary coffee table with metal accent legs. Black is extremely versatile and pairs well with all of these other colors and patterns.

Let Black Be The Only Statement Color in the Room

The last tip for incorporating the color black into your living room is to let black be your statement color. It can be tempting to mix black with another bold or statement color. However, if you decide to bring some black in, you will want to stick with other neutral items. The color black should be the statement color in your space. If you select a black contemporary couch, don't throw a bright pink or blue throw over the sofa. Stick to beige, creams and white throw pillows or blankets. Another statement color in the space can detract from the statement you are making with black. 

Black is expected to be a popular color for furniture, curtains, wall papers and walls in living rooms this year. Black can be a bold color. However, it can also take over a space and make it seem dark when used inappropriately. Ensuring you don't over do it, selecting pieces that are not solid black and letting black be your statement color are just a few tips you may want to follow when bringing this color into your space.


28 September 2016

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