Four Different Ways Furniture Is Repaired and Who Does the Repairing


Furniture repair is done based on the piece of furniture and type of material. Additionally, there are different craftsmen that make these repairs. Here are four different ways furniture is typically repaired and who can do these repairs for you.

Wood Repairs

Wood tables, wood chairs, wood desks, and even wood pianos can all be taken to a woodworker. Woodworkers and carpenters are all very good at fixing wooden items and can restore wooden furniture well. The only exception is antique wooden furniture, which you should take to an antique furniture restoration expert.

Upholstery Repairs

When your cat shreds your favorite chair, you may want to get the cat declawed or provide him or her with another scratching outlet. Then you want to take the chair to an upholstery shop. An upholsterer is a professional furniture repair expert well-versed in reupholstering and repairing foam cushioning and fabric repairs. They can restore your favorite chair and give it an updated look with your choice of new upholstery fabrics.

Wicker Repairs

Wicker needs a repair expert who knows how to eliminate mold and mildew on wicker furniture, repair and replace sections of woven wicker wood, and revive the paint while sealing the wicker against other potential environmental factors. There are professionals who specialize in wicker, and that is where you will want to take your wicker chairs, wicker baskets, wicker bookshelves, and wicker couches. You can save wicker, even if it is covered in mold, and these people know exactly how to do it.

Metal Repairs

Beds, bed frames, and some pieces of modern- or contemporary-style furniture are made of metals. Brass, bronze, wrought iron, and chrome are just a few of the metals that may become twisted, dented, or bent by accident. When that happens, do not throw the furniture out. Take it to a metal furniture expert. These folks work with metals enough that they can weld, bend, reinforce, forge, and extrude metal replacement parts to fix the metal furniture you have brought to them. 

When the Furniture Store Offers Repairs

If you are really lucky, there is a good chance that the furniture store from which you bought the furniture has someone who can fix it. If that is the case, ask the store associate about the level of expertise that the repair people have. If you are satisfied with their credentials, then the repair people at the furniture store can fix your broken furniture for you.


29 October 2018

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