Revamp Your Office With Sit-Stand Desks


Most adults spend a significant portion of each weekday at work. An office environment can be challenging for workers since traditional desks allow workers to sit for lengthy periods throughout the day.

If you are trying to improve the productivity and health of your workforce, you may want to consider swapping out your traditional desks for sit-stand desks. These types of desks have a worktop that can be set at different heights to allow workers to either sit or stand while still being productive.

A sit-stand desk can ward off weight gain.

Working in an office environment requires very little physical movement. The sedentary nature of most office jobs can lower metabolism levels and contribute to employee weight gain.

Weight gain has been linked to numerous health problems that might require medical treatment. Your employees will miss work for treatment, and your insurance premiums could increase. Spending a portion of the workday standing can help your employees burn more calories than they would sitting, helping to reduce weight gain.

A sit-stand desk can alleviate back pain.

Many Americans suffer from back pain. An office job can exacerbate back problems. The shoulders tend to slump, and the head tends to push forward when employees are seated at a desk and looking at a computer screen. This posture pulls the back out of alignment and can contribute to pain.

A sit-stand desk allows the work surface of a desk to be raised so that the screen is even with an employee's line of sight. This position allows for better employee posture and less back pain throughout the day.

A sit-stand desk can improve an employee's mood.

When an employee is able to work without body aches and pain, their mood will be greatly improved. A sit-stand desk makes it easier for employees to focus on their job duties rather than being distracted by their pain.

The improvement in employee mood that is facilitated by a sit-stand desk will contribute to greater productivity and help your company increase profits over time.

Doing something as simple as changing the furniture in your office can help your workforce become more productive. Sit-stand desks are versatile. These desks give your employees the opportunity to adjust their position throughout the day to ward off weight gain, back pain, and body aches.

Take a stand against traditional desks by investing in sit-stand desks for each of your employee workstations. For more information on office furniture, contact your local furniture store today.


22 February 2019

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