High-End Furniture Pieces To Add To Your Luxury Home


When you move into a luxury home, it's often ideal to buy a number of high-end pieces of furniture to have on display in your various rooms. There are many different definitions for high-end furniture. In many cases, this term simply describes furniture that is expensive. High-end furniture can also describe fancy items that you find at your luxury furniture store that are useful to some extent but are also valuable for giving off a luxury feel. If these sorts of items appeal to you, here are some that you can buy for your new home.


One type of luxury item that can add class to a living room, study, or library is a globe. While it's true that you can buy an inexpensive globe at an office supply store, a globe that is sold at a luxury furniture retailer is much fancier. Often, it's mounted to a frame so that it sits on the floor, and it may also be larger than a traditional desk globe. The frames of high-end globes are often made of hardwood and may include luxurious elements such as brass hardware. While this item is functional when you want to check the location of a country, there's little doubt that it also adds a considerable amount of class to the space.

Grandfather Clock

There are a number of types of clocks that are more practical today than a grandfather clock — but there are few that are more luxurious. This is a piece of furniture that is common in high-end homes and even in high-end businesses, as it adds class and a historical feel to whatever room you place it in. Luxury furniture stores often sell many different styles of grandfather clocks, so you'll be able to find one that will suit the look of the room that it will soon call home.


Another fixture in the swanky surroundings of luxury homes can be a large hourglass, which is often filled with pristine sand and housed in a hardwood frame. This decorative piece is available at luxury furniture stores and can be suitable on an end table, a coffee table, or even a fireplace mantel. You might go weeks or even months without turning it over and watching the sand flow from one compartment to the other, but there's no denying that its presence helps to add a rich feel to your room.

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16 September 2019

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