Choosing The Right Standing Desk


Standing desks are all the rage these days. They're great for combating sciatica and keeping you, literally, on your toes. But, whether you are thinking about investing in a standing desk for your home or business, there are a few things to consider. This article looks at a few of the different types of standing desks and explains the drawbacks and advantages of each.

Stationary Standing Desks

Stationary standing desks are the most affordable of all the options on this list. That is because they don't move up or down. There is no mechanical or electrical device to put the desk up or down. The biggest and most obvious drawback of having a stationary standing desk is the fact that they cannot be moved down or adjusted at all. So, if you want to have a break from standing up, your only option is if you have a comfortable stool-style chair. These are comfortable, but not quite as relaxing as normal chairs where you can actually rest your feet on the ground.

Mechanically Adjustable Standing Desks

Mechanical standing desks are nice because they can be moved up and down. You can use the desk standing up or sitting down with a normal chair. The biggest drawback is the fact that the actual mechanical operation can be a little laborious, especially if your desk is loaded with heavy stuff. A mechanical desk is going to be the most affordable option if you want to be able to adjust it. But, the price can range dramatically depending on the size of the desk and the style of the mechanics.

Electrical Adjustable Standing Desks

Electrical standing desks are the most expensive option on this list. The price is really the only drawback. They are very convenient and easy to operate. You can easily switch between sitting and standing in a matter of seconds and with no physical effort. This is very important when it comes to the actual functionality of a standing desk. This will be best for your body and the most time-efficient. Another perk of electrical desks is the fact that they often have convenient power strips so you can easily charge your phones and computers while you work.

Obviously, depending on how you actually use your desk, you could find any of these three options to be perfectly suited to your daily needs. It really depends on how much you can afford.


25 February 2020

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