Murphy Bed Advantages


If you are searching for a bed for one of the rooms in your home and you are finding it to be challenging for any number of reasons, this may be due to the fact that a Murphy bed would be a good option and you haven't been considering it. You are going to want to finish reading this article if you are looking for a bed for an unconventional room in your home because it may explain to you why a queen Murphy bed would be the way for you to go. 

Murphy beds give you the option of having or not having a bed

It's hard to imagine how you can have a bed in a room and not have a bed in a room at the same time — that is, until you consider the Murphy bed. This is a bed that you pull down when you want a bed, but you push back up into a wall or a cabinet when you don't want to have a bed in the room. This functionality is what makes the Murphy bed good for rooms in your home that you won't always want to have a bed in but where they can come in handy at times, such as when you find yourself hosting unexpected company. Murphy beds can go in any room, including the living room, the office, the library, or the den. 

Murphy beds give you space

If you find you never seem to have enough space in one of the bedrooms in your home that isn't always used for sleeping, such as in the guest bedroom that is also used as the children's playroom, then the Murphy bed is something that you should think about. It can be pushed up and out of the way anytime the bed isn't needed, and this creates a lot of extra space in that room. When a bed is needed, it can be brought down quickly. 

Murphy beds are great for studio homes

One of the problems with living in a studio home is that many people don't like the idea of guests seeing their bed when they come over. With a Murphy bed, you can tuck the bed away in a moment's notice and unless you give someone a tour of the home, they won't even know that you don't have a bedroom on the other side of a closet door.


29 July 2020

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