3 Areas You May Need New Office Furniture


The condition of your office matters, and if you aren't careful, you could be sending the wrong impression. When furniture becomes damaged and dated, you can have a difficult time attracting new business. Fortunately, by updating your office furniture, you can enjoy a space that looks and feels better. Here are three areas you may need new office furniture. 

1. The Lobby

Anytime anyone comes into your business, it is important to think carefully about what they are seeing. If the receptionist's desk is damaged and the chairs they sit in have tears, they may think twice about patronizing your business. Make sure you update any furniture in your lobby that looks damaged in any way and then look for comfortable, beautiful furniture that is made to last. 

2. The Conference Room

Conference rooms are where mergers are made and big meetings happen, so don't skimp on the furniture. Consider updating the table in your conference room to accommodate more people than you normally anticipate, and don't forget to replace all of the chairs. Remember that the number of chairs that will fit around the table can change based on how large the table is, so take size into consideration before ordering anything. If you are short on space, look for chairs that don't have arms and that are made with a slimmer body. 

3. The Breakroom

You will want your employees to feel as comfortable as possible when they have downtime, so think about updating the office furniture in your breakroom. You should have enough seating for everyone who may want to use the space, along with tables, areas to prepare food, and proper lighting. If you place a television in your break area, consider putting in on a media console, where you can also place things like remote controls. Supplement your breakroom furniture with a message board or another spot where employees could find important or helpful information. 

When you start shopping for new office furniture, think carefully about the types of damage your previous furniture endured. If spills and grime tend to be a problem, look for furniture made with non-porous, stain-resistant fabrics and varnishes. To make sure you can easily switch out damaged furniture in the future, consider buying a few additional items just in case. After all, having what you need can be tremendously helpful in the long run. Learn more by contacting companies that sell office seating. 


8 October 2020

Choosing Furniture Wisely

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