An Alternative To The Standard Barbecue Setup


A curved grill shelter, a concrete slab, and a variety of furnishings that are laid out among natural features will provide a cozy area for you and your family to enjoy barbecued meals during the summer.

A Patio Is Not Necessary

If you envision a spacious patio as the supporting feature of an ideal outdoor barbecue setup and do not have access to a paved surface, your interest in creating a functional area for preparing food and enjoying meals with family does not need to follow standard protocol. An outdoor grilling area can consist of a shelter that will block wind and rain and a small oblong slab for your grill that will prevent you from scorching the grass.

The main component that will require the greatest investment is the barbecue grill. A stainless steel model that features a self-cleaning interior chamber, dual grilling surfaces, and rolling wheels, and a stabilizer bar will make meal preparations simple. The grill can remain outside for the year, or you can use the wheel feature to aid with transporting the grill into your shed during the winter.

Choose a gas, electric, or pellet model that will supply grilled meat and vegetables with the smoky scent and taste that you crave. If you choose a model that will operate off of an electrical supply, use the location of an outdoor electrical outlet to determine the area where the concrete slab and grill will be set up.

You Can Customize Your Space

Purchase a concrete slab or hire a concrete supplier to pour concrete onto a cleared portion of the ground. Prior to the pouring process, a mold will be set up that will aid with keeping the slab straight on each side.

Concrete can be stained if you would like the paved surface to complement the stainless steel barbecue grill that you are purchasing. If you have the slab installed several feet from your home, you can set up furnishings around the grill, to allow you to interact with your family members or guests. Purchase a glider, some standard straight-backed chairs, and a dual or triple seating arrangement, to supply your family and guests with several different seating options.

If, on some occasions, you will be preparing food outdoors but plan to bring it indoors or to your front porch for you and your family to eat, install some small paving blocks next to the slab that supports the grill equipment. This will provide you with a flat, smooth surface to walk upon while you are carrying heavy platters of food.

Hosting an outdoor BBQ can be a great way to entertain and spend time with your loved ones.


30 November 2020

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