What To Look For In Good Dining Room Furniture


Your dining room is often a space you like to keep neatest, and it can be a great source of pride for those who invest a little bit of money into it. Good dining room furniture will last for decades if kept well, but finding the right pieces is the tricky part. What makes a good piece of dining room furniture different from a poorly made one? Here are three things that you should look for when choosing your dining room furniture to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal you can.

Hardwood Only

Sometimes cheaper furniture sets will be made out of softwoods to save money while emulating the look of more expensive pieces. Hardwood is far more widespread in dining room furniture, and for good reason; it lasts much better. Softwood has purposes outside of furniture that are useful, but for the purposes of a long-lasting and good-looking set of dining room furniture, you may want furniture made from different materials. They will be far more likely to crack and bend under even normal pressure, so it is not worth the risk. Instead, look to oak, walnut beech, and birch, as well as any of the other dozen or so hardwoods that you may find.

Matching Colors 

If you want dining room furniture to last for decades then you need to choose a good base color and make sure that all the pieces stick to this design choice. Having different contrasting colors can look good for a few years, but after that, it can easily look dated as trends change. Dining room furniture is supposed to be classy and minimalistic in nature, leaving the flashy elements to expensive cutlery or flashy table pieces. As such, look for dark, monotone colors across your dining set. Black is always preferable, but deep, rich browns can fit in nicely too.

Long Warranties

The best way to know that your furniture is made to last is to look at the trust the manufacturer has in it. If they know it is a good piece of furniture they often happily provide quite lengthy warranties with the purchase, sometimes upwards of ten years. Anything over five years is perfectly reasonable. Make sure to buy dining room furniture, and indeed furniture of all kinds, that has a warranty or guarantee as to how long it will last. If you don't, some pieces may fall apart as soon as you get them out of the door. 

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7 April 2021

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