Redecorating On A Budget? 4 Cost-Saving Tips For Visiting A Furniture Store


Sprucing up your home with new furniture can be a great way to give a new look to any room in your home. Even with how many benefits you can enjoy through redecorating, you may be concerned about the cost of buying several pieces of furniture for a dramatic change. In order to get the best deals possible, consider the following tips when visiting a furniture store. Bring a Notepad with Exactly What You Want

22 January 2016

How To Maintain Your Piano


As a piano owner, you invested time and money into finding and purchasing the perfect instrument for your needs. Once you got your piano home, it probably became the centerpiece of your living room or den as well as a major part of family life. Keeping your piano in top shape requires that you maintain both its look and its tone. You will need to follow several procedures in order to properly care for your piano.

18 December 2015

3 Tips For Blending Your Antique Furniture With Modern Pieces


Blending contemporary furniture with older furniture can seem like a lost cause at first. You don't want to give up furniture that may have been in your family for ages, but what if you can't figure out where to put it? The good news is that blending the old with the new is far easier than you suspect and it can give you a one of a kind space that's all your own.

19 November 2015

4 Benefits To Switching Up Your Office Design


If you're looking to make positive changes to your office area, you may want to take a look at your office design. There are many ways in which you can change up the look, feel, and functionality of your office with its design. The best part is that it's easier than you might think! Take a look at the following information to better understand the benefits to switching up your office design.

14 October 2015

Antique Furniture Pieces That Can Thrive In Your Modern Home


If you have a contemporary design throughout your home, adding a piece of mid-century antique furniture can make your modern furnishings really stand out. Discover great antique furnishings that can stand their own in your modern home and where you can acquire them. Mirrors Hand-gilded antique mirrors are an excellent way to make a family, dining, or living room brighter. Antique mirrors with wooden finishes can be painted any hue you'd like to match your decor best, such as cream, white, or even black.

10 August 2015

Summer Hangout: How To Turn Your Backyard Into The Perfect Getaway


There's no place like home. It's true and even more so when you turn your backyard into a relaxing summer getaway spot. With a little planning, your backyard dream space can become a reality. Furnish it well Your backyard will only be as comfortable as the outdoor furniture you sit on. If you want to cut corners and save money, furniture isn't the place to do it. Select well-designed, good-quality outdoor furniture.

6 August 2015

How To Replace Knobs And Drawer Pulls: Odd Sized To Regular Sized


Refinishing furniture takes a good deal of work. From stripping down old veneer to sanding, cleaning and finally re-staining or painting your piece of furniture - it's tough work, but worth it in the end. Once you have your piece of furniture refinished to your liking, the last thing you would normally do is replace the drawer knobs and pulls. With older pieces of furniture, the holes for the drawer pulls may be a little odd sized compared to the standard size (usually 3"

5 August 2015